Sunday, February 1, 2009

A first-post welcome

Kudos to me for finally having set up my blog! While most of the country is now watching the Super Bowl, I'm huddled in a wi-fi hotspot typing away my very first post, which hopefully will be the first of many good ones. 

The general, and rather ambiguous topic of this blog is FOOD. 

Something that everyone likes, right? Right? Well I only hope my dear readers are as avid fans as I am, and are as interested in hearing about interesting recipes, utter food failures, and fun dining experiences as I am.  I am not sure whether my semester in Paris last fall caused or resulted from my passion for food, but in either case, it definitely changed my life (and my weight). From then on, I tried as much as possible to be a true "gourmande" - fond of good food, gastronomically-inclined.  Being a college student during a recession in a country that does not allow unpasteurized cheese definitely put a damper on these aspirations.  Hence, the "wannabe" part.  

I hope that this is a good enough introduction to whet some appetites (pun proudly intended) and garner some interest in this blog - but I certainly don't intend to be the next FXcuisine

Coming up in my next blog post, experience the fascinating, the misunderstood, the oft-forgotten enigma of... the leek!

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