Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Recovery from PB&J withdrawal

Although I hope I am generally quite well-informed on, well, stuff, I returned to the US after my semester abroad having no idea what this whole peanut butter ban and recall was. And as a peanut butter lover, I didn’t much care – there was still peanut butter on the shelves of Wegmans, therefore I bought it. But since January, seemingly tame and loveable peanut-butter related products have been responsible for 9 deaths and 637 illnesses. And although peanut butter itself seemed exempt, I realized so many other things in my life are not. Namely, Peanut Butter Cookie flavor Luna bars, Nestle Crunch Bars, and (travesty of travesties), Cornell’s own Nutty Buddy Franklin flavored ice cream.

A few years ago, when the tomato crisis occurred, and before that, the great spinach scare of ’06, Cornell seemed exempt thanks to organic homegrown local foodie Ithaca. Alas, Arachis hypogaea does not grow in our frigid climes. Still, I advise everyone to soldier on. Today at Trillium, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were still available for sale (rather too available – I don’t think anyone bought one). Whole peanuts themselves seem fine, and thus are no-brainer substitutes. And if all else fails remember peanut butter’s oft-overlooked sister – Nutella.

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  1. i LOVE nutella. nutella > peanut butter :) hahah